As Solion Battery family, we are a company that aims to provide customer satisfaction, trust and legal coverage in safe, innovative and clean lithium-based energy storage technology and aims to be the European leader in industrial and commercial lithium battery - energy storage solutions.

Solion Battery main objectives and structure;

  • Focus on industrial and commercial energy storage solutions,
  • To produce sustainable solutions for customers without compromising industrial product quality,
  • To be a leader in the sector with its reliable and solution-oriented engineering infrastructure



  • To prioritize our engineering from the design to the sales phase while producing 100% domestic lithium batteries,
  • To closely follow the technology, especially Industry 4.0, and to continue R&D studies that will contribute to our country,
  • Providing domestic design, domestic production and domestic technical service, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers in the best way and exceeding their expectations with after-sales services,
  • To increase its export capacity day by day by being among the indispensables of the world market with domestic production,
  • To take care of product quality and to use the feedback from our customers as a stepping stone to improve ourselves while continuously improving and developing without compromising on quality,
  • To see and develop our suppliers as part of our quality assurance system and as our business partners,
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we are in and to contribute to the national economy by continuously improving our business volume,
  • To develop its employees with a people-oriented approach and to adopt a corporate culture that takes into account quality awareness and a questioning perspective in every activity,

as our quality policy.