Anko Energy, which has made a name for itself in the Lithium Battery sector, is a 100% domestic technology company that aims to be domestic and national since the day it started its service, produces environmentally friendly technological products, and serves with its young and dynamic staff.


Our aim;
To be able to take place in the technology market that is renewed day by day and to develop technology,
To carry Turkiye to the world market with domestic production,
Always investing in quality, ensuring employee satisfaction within the company first, creating a quality product, and providing a high level of satisfaction from production to the customer,
To contribute to the reduction of Turkiye's foreign dependency in the Lithium Battery market with domestic production,
Contributing to domestic production as a patent owner in products designed and directed to the market,
Acting with the awareness of protecting the environment, to minimize the damage to nature in every design and production,
To act jointly with all companies operating in the sector and to offer the most efficient product to the market,
•To be able to purchase high-end products, which have always been a building block in the sector, at a cheaper price than the foreign market, based on quality in production.