Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles (AGV) have started to be used with the spread of in-plant material handling / lifting / towing, Industry 4.0 and later Industry 5.0. Also, the demand for shuttle devices in warehouse-shelf systems is increasing day by day.

AMR-AGV-Shuttle devices are among the main preferences of companies according to the smart factories / warehouses business model.

Solion Industry 4.0 Applications Lithium Batteries have been serving for many years with application-specific domestic Smart BMS Solutions and patented honeycomb cell joining technology on both OEM and end-user sides.

Lithium Batteries, which we have produced for AGV - AMR - Shuttle for 10 years, have been an uninterrupted energy source for Industry 4.0 applications with long cycle life, full compatibility with fast and autonomous charging, and various communication protocols (ModBUS RS485, ModBUS RS232, CAN).

Thanks to our patented honeycomb joining technology, compared to classical cell joining methods using low quality black plastic and nickel bar;

  • UL94V0 non-flammability level
  • Passive cooling systems
  • Co-aging as a result of uniform temperature distribution
  • High Serviceability

It has many outstanding features.